PlantSTATS KEG and CASK - Contents monitoring for kegs and casks


Brewing - Contents Monitoring for Kegs and Casks

PlantSTATS KEG and CASK is an industry-leading fill-volume monitoring system for kegs and casks, available as a manual system for multi-lane rackers and as a totally automatic system for rotary fillers, providing live information at the manager’s desktop in accordance with the Brewers Society guidelines, Trading Standards and HM Customs & Excise requirements.

PlantSTATS KEG and CASK operates in two modes:

  • Manual Data Capture: Operators can enter information using either a touch screen or keyboard and mouse.
  • Automatic Data Capture: PlantSTATS KEG and CASK connects to a rotary-filler and receives and records data automatically.

ICCS work with the brewing industries’ biggest names including Scottish & Newcastle, Coors and Carlsberg to produce bulk-fill monitoring systems. If you would like to know more about PlantSTATS KEG and CASK and how it can benefit your business please call us on 01608-637121 or click here to email us.

Data Sheet

PlantSTATS Data Sheet PlantSTATS KEG and CASK.pdf