Britvic Case Study

Britvic Case Study

The Customer

Britvic Soft Drinks is one of the leading soft drinks businesses in the UK, with internationally recognisable brands such as Pepsi, Robinsons and Tango among its many products.



The Problem

Britvic had in place a manual system for recording downtime and OEE but believed that further significant improvements in productivity could be achieved if short downtime intervals could be more accurately recorded and the data analysed and reported in real-time.

The Solution

ICCS met with Britvic to review their current procedures and advise on the most effective means of automatically capturing machine stoppages, speeds and pack and case counts together and the capture of down time reasons with a single button press. The outcome was the installation of the PlantSTATS DOWNTIME and OEE system.

In addition to featuring real-time web based reporting which can be used to monitor and continually improve performance PlantSTATS DOWNTIME and OEE offered Britvic a host of other benefits:

  • 100% accurate picture of plant performance and OEE
  • Interlock relay which forces operators to record a reason for downtime
  • Minimum training required
  • PlantSTATS Smart Keypads with user-definable reason codes to identify the cause of a stoppage
  • Clear visualisation of plant performance by shift, line machine, reason and date range.
  • Performance information is available immediately, permitting timely and cost-saving intervention.

Britvic reaped significant benefits straight away. Andrew Murray at Britvic Soft Drinks said:

“Since its introduction in June 2007 PlantSTATS DOWNTIME and OEE has provided the information we needed to improve productivity. In the first 10 weeks we made:

  • A 20% improvement in our Machine Mean-Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • An 8% reduction in our downtime, giving an added 24hours of available time for increased volume, planned maintenance or focused improvement

In addition, PlantSTATS DOWNTIME and OEE allows us to highlight our top 20 daily loss issues, and from that data we have been able to set focused teams working towards zero losses.”